WordPress Plugin/Theme Updates on Gentoo

Default WordPress installation on Gentoo does not allow any updates. If you want to allow plugin and theme updates but otherwise want to update WordPress using Gentoo ebuilds then you have to change user access right on file wp-admin/includes/file.php in your installation to the same user as the one owning wp-content/plugins directory. The reason for this is that there is a check in the file that checks whether the owner of the file.php file same as the owner of the update directories. You have to do this each time you update your WordPress installation in your website using webapp-config.

I don’t know if it is the original intention of the www-apps/wordpress ebuild author or it changed along the way in the WordPress code, but this is how it is at the time of writing.

Of course you have to allow access for your PHP user running your website to WordPress servers in case you have restricted firewall.

You should also keep your WordPress installation updated to the latest version because of security issues of the application. You can check latest vulnerabilities at WPScan Vulnerability Database.

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Apache NetBeans on Gentoo

NetBeans users on Gentoo might have noticed that dev-util/netbeans was removed from the main tree recently. The reason was that it was pretty outdated and I do not have time to bump it to the newest version using the Gentoo standards. Anyway, there is still a solution. You can find the ebuild for the latest NetBeans in my overlay, named dev-util/netbeans-standalone to not conflict with the previous, now outdated ebuild. Also, up to the standard NetBeans releases, you can find there live ebuild for the latest greatest NetBeans. For those not used to use overlays, see Layman.

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SSLProtocol in Apache 2.4 VirtualHost

After an hour trying to find out why SSLProtocol instruction in Apache 2.4 VirtualHost does not behave as I would expect, I came across this post that explains the reason. In a nutshell, there is a bug in OpenSSL. In the post there is also mentioned a patch though I did not give it a try, I just used the same protocol selection for the whole server.

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